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Veriflora ® – Responsible management of peatlands

It is with great interest and pride that Fafard obtained the VeriFlora® certification, a North American certification in sustainable development dedicated to floriculture and horticulture industries.

The VeriFlora® certification program was established to provide high standards of sustainable development to growers, cut flowers and potted plants handlers. The program is under the authority of SCS Global Services, a global third-party certifier and one of the most recognized in North America.


  • To restore carbon accumulating wetland ecosystems
  • To reduce the environmental footprint in peat moss production
  • To stimulate innovation
  • To establish a path for continuing improvement
  • To favor horticultural and other biological uses of peat moss
  • To support cost-effective uses of value-added by-products that result in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

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