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Atelier tendancesHow to make your workshop a success?
Although they are looked upon by many as a hassle, an open house, if well organized, can prove to be very profitable, indeed. Such an event lets you:

– Build customer loyalty;
– Attract new customers;
– Promote your products and services;
– Set yourself apart from the competition;
– Inspire guests and make them eager and confident to take on new projects; and most of all, make additional sales and profits!

A successful workshop requires planning several months in advance involvement from your staff. The following reminder list will help you coordinate every element so that nothing is overlooked.

A few months ahead
Make sure you think through and set the day’s agenda in detail:
– The date
– Promotions
– Contest (Helps you gather prospect names and information that can later be used.)
– Theme of the day (Contact your sale representative)
– Installations (e.g., tent, table, food sampling, etc.)
– Parking (Plan on ample space as well as someone to direct traffic.)
Plan staffing needs to make sure of availability and adequate service.
Plan advertising needs to ensure media coverage the week prior to the event.
Produce on-site signage to promote your event (Banners, flags, balloons, etc)

One week ahead
Inform staff of the day’s agenda and activities and assign specific roles and functions.
Set up signage indoor and outdoor.
Promote the event on your Website and on social networks.
Send to regular customers a special invitation.
Replenish stock making sure you have plenty of featured items.

The day prior to the event
Make sure shelves are fully stocked and neatly arranged.
Clean, broom and dust everywhere. Make it sparkle!
Clean out all dead or damaged plants.
Make certain all store systems are functioning properly: lighting, PA, electronics
Contact participants to confirm their presence: special guest, caterer…

On event day
Welcome your guests with a smile.
Assign specific staff members to restocking duty.
Take photos you can post on you Website.
Ask your clients what they think of the event.

After the event
Hold a post-mortem with you staff noting what worked and what needs improvement.
Hold the contest draw and utilize the obtained names.
Post comments, photos and winners on your Website and on social networks