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Engineered Cedar Wood Fibre for Playgrounds

85 litres/ 3 cft.

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  • 100% natural, non toxic, no additives
  • Offers a safe environment for children and provides great impact reduction capacity which reduces impact of injury
  • Provides a clean, eco-friendly and natural looking play area
  • Not attractive to pets
  • IPEMA Certified [ASTM F1292 and F2075]


  • Ideal for public or residential playgrounds


Wood fiber 100% cedar


1m³ of product covers 2.62 m² 5 bags cover 10 sft. 7 bags cover 15 sft. 13 bags cover 30 sft.


For a maximum protection, ASTM standards require a minimum depth of 12 inches after compaction. We recommend to apply 15 inches, then rake level and compact. Add more product if needed until required depth of product is reached.