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How to create a desert terrarium

Winning combination
Have terrariums piqued your interest? We’ve assembled a complete terrarium kit that puts all the essential ingredients for success at your fingertips. Here are a few easy steps to help you come up with your own desert terrarium design.

Tips and advices
Do you know…
  • There are two types of terrarium: the desert terrarium and the tropical variety
  • For your desert terrarium, try to choose plants that like dry conditions.
  • To create a terrarium, slow growing plants are the preferred choice. What’s more, plants that stay small are also better, so they don’t invade the rest of the space.
  • Water your terrarium with a mister as opposed to a watering can. Remember that a desert terrarium requires very little watering.

    Add some decorative elements such as stones, pieces of wood, figurines, shells, etc.
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