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6 easy steps to repair damaged lawns

Harsh winter weather and problem insects can be your lawn’s worst enemies.

The good news is, lawn care has never been so simple by following the steps below! To be done once a year: in spring or fall.

6 easy steps:


Pull out any weeds and rake any yellowed or damaged lawn sections


Once the area is clear, apply VIVIA LAWN® Repair Mix to the surface to a depth of 1.25 cm (½ in.) (a 42-litre bag covers about 4 m2 (40 ft2)). This mix provides optimal germination results in 5 days.


Apply the grass seeds and rake gently to cover them lightly with soil.


Fertilize the entire seeded area with lawn rooting fertilizer to facilitate rooting.


Water regularly once or twice a day. The soil should be kept moist during germination (about 2 weeks).


To stimulate rooting for newly-sown grass, mow the lawn when it reaches about 10 cm (4 in.).


Download our tip sheet: 6 easy steps to repair damaged lawns

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