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It all began in 1930 when, after living in Massachusetts for 6 years, Conrad Fafard began selling hay from his family-run farm in Quebec to U.S. livestock farmers. A few years later, hay sales led to the sale of peat moss imported from Europe for livestock bedding.


The import embargo on German peat during World War II forced the company to find another source of supply. As a result, Conrad and 10 other family members united in 1940 to found Fafard et Frères, Ltd. and purchase their first peat bog in Saint-Bonaventure, Quebec. The Canadian company initially produced only peat moss and black earth. It now offers a complete range of professional growing mixes as well as speciality for consumers. Martin Fafard has been the third-generation CEO since 1999.

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Fafard et Frères, Ltd. develops, offers and distributes a large range of high-performance substrates and closely related products that are adapted to meet the needs of horticultural amateurs and professionals in North America.

Each company is unique and promotes values that are true to its beliefs. At Fafard, personal and family values have led to sincere and solid business relations for the past years.